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  • 48-hour quote turnaround on any concept
  • Illustrated CAD assembly of Wöhner components applied according to our technical experience
  • Complete bill of materials for the illustrated assembly

With QCQ, there is:

  • No need to invest in a long learning curve for the development of a design – just tell us what you’re trying to do
  • No need to worry about every single part – our quotation will include a complete bill of materials
  • No need to worry about long lead times – 95% of components are stocked in North America
  • No need to wait – we’ll provide a solution while the concept is fresh in your mind

QCQ Example – CAD assembly of Wöhner components

Bill of materials

QtyPart NoDescriptionComments
101518230 X 1100 Bottom Trough.Insulating base plate
301508Universal busbar support, sys 60, conforms to UL508ABusbar supports
201573end cover, for busbar support 01495, 01500, and 01508End cover for 01508
201625Busbar, 30 x 10 x 2400mm, tinned, 756ATin plated copper bar
132593EQUES PowerConnector, 630A for ABB Tmax 5Adapter for main T5 breaker
132601EQUES PowerConnector, 290A for ABB Tmax 4 and Siemens 3RV10 63Adapter for T4 breaker
232575adaptor 160 A, for ABB T-max 1, T-max 2, 90 x 200Adapter for T2 breakers
232442EEC adapter, 32A, 54mm x 200mm, 2 DIN railsAdapter for MS132 and contactor
232466EEC adapter, 80A, 54mm x 200mm, 1 DIN rail Adpater for mini breaker to feed transformers
232974UL terminal cap for 80A adapters, without leadsUL terminal cap for 32466
131958bus-mounted fuse holder, Class CC, 3-poleThree pole CC fuse holder
133403QUADRON CrossLink Carrier, Class J, 200A busbar mountClass J holder to feed drive
133402QUADRON CrossLInkCarrier, 100A Class JClass J holder to feed drive

System design requirements

The more information you provide the more detailed our draft solution.

1. What is the system voltage and wiring configuration?

Wöhner systems can be designed for both AC and DC voltages up to 1000 V. We can incorporate busbars and supports for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 wire systems.

1 bar - Ground
2 bars - DC +/-
3 bars - 3ø
4 bars - 3ø+N or G
5 bars - 3ø+N+G

480 VAC, 3ø

2. What is the total current requirement of the system?

Wöhner systems utilize 4 standard gauges of busbar for systems up to 756 A and 3 special profile busbars for systems up to 2000 A. With design considerations, we can achieves current ratings up to 4000 A.

12 x 5 – 150 A
20 x 5 – 362 A
30 x 5 – 500 A
30 x 10 – 756 A
TT500 – 1,200 A
TT720 – 1,400 A
TTT – 2,000 A

600 amps

3. What is the main over-current protection device and where is it mounted?

Identifying the make and model of the fuses, the fusible switch, the molded case circuit breaker or the lack of a main over-current device (main lug only) will allow us to recommend the most space saving design.

Make and Model

Busbar mounted

4. Size, count and construction of incoming cables?

Wöhner systems can accommodate up to 600 MCM cables (300 mm²). For higher current ratings we will use parallel AWG conductors or propose insulated flat flexible busbar.

AWG#16 to 600
MCM or Flat Flex

AWG 600 MCM,
one per phase,
into lugs on ABB
T5 breaker

5. Define the system branch circuits?

A Wöhner system is best suited to applications with at least 4 branch circuits – the more the better. It’s all about power distribution to the branch circuits.

IEC Motor Controls
DIN Power Devices
Fused Circuits
Power Taps

1x 100A Class J
1x 200A Class J
2x ABB T2
1x ABB T4

6. Any size or space limitations?

The busbar system may allow you to fit your system into a smaller, less expensive enclosure. It’s a great way to beat the competition on system size and labor.

Enclosure H x W x D
Panel H x W
Vertical or horizontal
Shipping splits

72” x 48” x 12”

7. Other considerations?

Does the system need to be UL 508 compliant? Has a required SCCR been determined? Any international listings needed?

UL 508
Up to 100 kA SCCR

UL 508

* Example: These responses resulted in the system quotation illustrated above. It was determined that the system would fit into a 48-inch wide enclosure. Six holes were drilled and tapped to support the busbar structure, dramatically decreasing assembly time.

Additional information (not required)

  • Photo of the current panel design.
  • Scanned or electronically generated panel layout and the system bill of materials.
  • System one-line diagram showing the flow of your system.
  • Design sketches

*Required field

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